Kraemer history
 is a website about Kraemer families that emigrated from Bavaria, Germany to America in the 1800s. It focuses on the ancestors, descendants and relatives of Paul Kraemer who emigrated from Irlach, Bavaria, Germany to America in May 1866. They landed in New York City in June 1866 and traveled to Wisconsin. After spending a year in Fredonia, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin near Milwaukee, they settled on a farm in Plain, Sauk County, Wisconsin in June 1867. That farm remains in Kraemer hands today and the owners will be marking its 150 year anniversary in 2016.

This site also touches on Kraemers who emigrated to Stearns County, Minnesota in 1852 and 1862 and later to Los Angeles, California in the 1890s, and on Kraemers still residing in the Tiefenbach area of Bavaria, Germany. As we discover more Kraemer lines, we will try to cover those too.

The site is maintained by Ken Kraemer, who welcomes stories, photos, documents, letters and records about Kraemers by others.  By Kraemers, we mean to include not only the men, but also the Kraemer women who married into other families. These families include the Laubmeiers, Meisters, Ruhlands, and Weidners for the first generation of Kraemers in America. For the next generation, they include the families Bauer, Bayer, Brechtl,  Eckstein, Frank, Haas, Hutter, Nachriner,  Peters, Liegel, and Schwartz families.

For information or to contribute stories, photos and so forth, contact Ken at kkraemer@uci.edu.  add another page.

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