Six history and genealogy books about the Kraemers of Plain and Minnesota have been (or are about to be) published. 

1. Claire Geesaman, A Kraemer Chronicle. Madison, WI: Edgewood College, 1992. 147 pages. This excellent book is out of print, but can be found in the Plain Library. It focuses on Edward Kraemer and the Edward Kraemer and Sons company covering related history from 1886 to 1992.
2. B. Ann Kraemer Smith Neviaser, Ancestors & Descendants of C. Marie Burns & Edwin John Kraemer, 2008.  243 pages. This genealogy might still be available from the author. It has good detail starting with the John Leo Kraemer family of Wyoming Valley, Iowa Township, Sauk County. 
3. Debra A. Blau and Kenneth L. Kraemer, Kraemer in Amerika:  History and genealogy of the Kraemers from Tiefenbach, Bavaria, Germany who immigrated to Stearns County, Minnesota, and to Los Angeles, California. 2014. 329 pages. This book is about the Kraemers of Stearns County, Minnesota and Los Angeles, California who are relatives of the Kraemers of Plain, WI. They shared a common father, but had different mothers.
4. Kenneth L. Kraemer, Wisconsin Kraemers: I. The old world of Bavaria. 2015. 200 pages. This book is about Paul Kraemer and his ancestors from Tiefenbach and Irlach in the Oberpfalz region of Bavaria, Germany. It covers the period from 1625-1866.
5. Kenneth L. Kraemer, Wisconsin Kraemers: II. The new world of America (forthcoming 2017). This book is about Paul Kraemer and his descendants in America from 1866 when he arrived in New York to about the year 2000.
6. Kenneth L. Kraemer, Lucy: Lucy Rose Bauer Kraemer, 2015. 124 pages. This book is about the author’s mother who lived from 1904 to 2000 in Plain. It is an easy read and was fun to do.
There are genealogies about other families that touch on selected Kraemer relatives as well. These will be described later.

All but the first two of these books can be ordered from any of four places:

1. The old Franklin Township Historical Society (915 Wachter Avenue; P.O. Box 218; Plain, WI 53577; Please include check for $49.95; $15 of each copy is a contribution to OFTHS).
2. (
3. The author for a signed copy (Kenneth L. Kraemer; 12 Harvey Court; Irvine, CA 91617; Please include check for $49.95); email:
4. CreateSpace following the directions below.

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