Why do other family names show up in Kraemer history?

Kraemer men and women married into other families and so these families are also part of our Kraemer history. These families include the Laubmeiers, Meisters, Ruhlands, and Weidners for the first generation of Kraemers in America. For the next generation, they include the families Bauer, Bayer, Brechtl,  Eckstein, Frank, Haas, Hutter, Nachriner,  Peters, Liegel, and Schwartz.

The list becomes much larger as one proceeds down the family names of succeeding generations in America. Martin Kraemer is working on a graphic depiction of all the Kraemer relatives from Paul and Walburga to the present. It is being done in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) system and should be finished later this year.  Every family will want a copy.

In Germany, “our Kraemers” married into families such as Dirscherl, Gilg, Leonhard, Obergassner, Rettinger, Schaefer, Schmid, Schmidhuber, Stangl, and Vogl.  Dirscherl (Dischler) is the only one of these names found in Plain.

Other Kraemers can be found elsewhere in Wisconsin. It is unclear, however, if we are related to any of those families.