2017, September – 150th Anniversary Celebration of Paul Kraemer Farm

September 16, 2017, Kraemer families will convene at the Pavillion in the Plain Park to mark the 150th Anniversary of Paul and Walburga Kraemer settling on their farm on Butternut Road, Franklin Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin. The coordinators for the event are the Sylvester Kraemer family, but others are invited to participate in planning and organizing family photos, exhibits, artifacts, books, family history or family genealogy for the event.

The event will also celebrate the Sesquicentenial Farm Award by the State of Wisconsin Departments of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and Wisconsin State Fair. A Centennial Farm is a farm that has been officially recognized by the state documenting that the farm has remained in the same family continuously for 150 years or more and currently is a working farm. Only 17 farms in Sauk County have received the Sesquicentennial award since 1998. The Centennial Farm Award was given 50 years ago.

Paul Kraemer home farm, circa 2010