Wisconsin Kraemers II has just been published

Questions that people ask:

When did Paul and Walburga Kraemer get to America? Was their journey uneventful or marked by something extraordinary? How did they get from New York to Wisconsin? Why did they first go to Fredonia near Milwaukee? How did they find the farm near Plain? Did Paul really build the log house and barn on the farm? Was Paul a carpenter like so many other Kraemers? These and many other questions are addressed by this new book.

A place for answers to those questions and more:

Wisconsin Kraemers II: The new world of America tells the story of Paul and Walburga Kraemer in America. It starts with their arrival in New York after a three week journey from Hamburg, Germany. It tells about their one year stay in Fredonia, Ozaukee County and what led them there. It describes their purchase of a farm about two miles east of Plain and the how Paul’s cleverness led to the growth of that farm to around 300 acres – in sharp contrast to their 12 acre farm in Irlach, Bavaria, Germany.


It also tells the stories of six of their seven children: Frances [Franziska] who married Edward Weidner; Joseph who married Anna Brechtl and then Theresa Eckstein; John A. who married Mary Schutz and then Mary Schwartz; Theresa who married Martin Meister; Margaret, who was born on board the ship to America, and married Joseph M. Ruhland.

The story of Peter Kraemer and his three wives and their children will be the subject of the final book: Wisconsin Kraemers III: The twentieth century.

In case you have not seen it, Wisconsin Kraemers I tells the story of the Kraemers from about 1649 to 1866 in Tiefenbach and Irlach, Bavaria, Germany.

Where can you buy a copy of the book?

Createspace.com or Amazon.com

The Old Franklin Township Historical Society
P. O. Box 218
Plain, WI 53588

The author at kkraemer@uci.edu.