Books on sale at Kraemer Reunion and Celebration of the 150 year anniversary of the Paul Kraemer farm, Plain Park, Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017, 1:00pm, Plain, WI

Wisconsin Kraemers: 

History and Genealogy of the Kraemers of Bavaria and Plain, Wisconsin

This three volume series covers the 360 year history and genealogy of the Kraemers from 1649 to 2000. The first known Kraemer got married at St. Vitus Catholic Church in Tiefenbach, Bavaria. He was not in construction or the professions as are modern Kraemers, but was a lowly peasant who eked out a living by weaving linen. He and his wife died at age 33 leaving a son age nine and a one year old daughter. How then did we all get here? The 3 books below tell that story.


Wisconsin Kraemers I, The old world of Bavaria (1649-1866), tells the story of six generations from 1649 to the time when Paul Kraemer emigrated from Irlach, Bavaria to Wisconsin in 1866. It includes translated copies of original documents in Latin and German from historical archives in Germany, maps of the area and Kraemer properties, photos of buildings and sites and a narrative that ties all these things together. It ends with Paul and Walburga’s hurried preparations to emigrate and travel to the port of Hamburg in Northern Germany for their journey to the new world.

Wisconsin Kraemers II

Wisconsin Kraemers II, The New World of America (1866-1890), addresses the Paul and Walburga Kraemer family in America from the time they arrived in New York City in 1866 to their children growing old in the 1850s. It tells the story of each Kraemer child and their families: Frances Kraemer and Edward Weidner; Mary Kraemer and George Laubmeier; Joseph Kraemer, Anna Brechtl and Theresa Eckstein; John Kraemer, Mary Schutz and Mary Schwartz; Theresa Kraemer and Martin Meister; Margaret Kraemer and Joseph M. Ruhland.

Wisconsin Kraemers III, The Twentieth Century (1890-2000), tells the richly detailed story of one of Paul and Walburga’s sons – Peter Kraemer and his children. Peter had three wives – Anna Ring, Grace Ring and Katherine Eckstein. Extremely hard work, poor living conditions and frequent childbirth contributed to a high death toll among these pioneer women. Despite tragedies, their children had successful careers and productive marriages. Read about their lives and events in this final volume.

Overall, these three volumes are a story about what can be accomplished with a strong faith, hard work, entrepreneurship and a little luck.

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Wisconsin Kraemers I: The old world of Bavaria 1649-1866 ______copies x $30 = $______ Wisconsin Kraemers II: The new world of America 1866-1950____copies x $30 = $______ Wisconsin Kraemers III: The 20th century 1890-2000   ______ copies x $30 =    $______                                                                                                                        (available January 2018)

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