May 26, 2016, Irlach. Erection of historical marker celebrating Paul Kraemer emigration from Bavaria, Germany to America

An historic event – Unveiling of historic marker at the location of former Kraemer family home in Bavaria.

On Corpus Christi Day, Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 4:00 pm, a number of Kraemers from Plain, Wisconsin and Tiefenbach, Bavaria will meet for the unveiling of a historical marker at the site of the former Paul and Walburga Kraemer home in Irlach, Bavaria. They will be joined by friends and officials from the towns of Irlach, Tiefenbach and Waldmunchen.

The event will be at the site of the house and stable formerly lived in by Paul Kraemer and Walburga Stangl, and other Kraemers before them. Franziska Kraemer Weidner and Peter Kraemer lived there as children before the family immigrated to America in May 1866 – 150 years ago. Before leaving, Paul Kraemer sold the farm to Johann Blattmeier whose descendants still own the property today. Konrad Blattmeier and his family will help with erection of the historic marker and will host the event along with the City of Tiefenbach and the Fire Brigade of Irlach.

The Americans planning to attend include:Plain

Tom and Soni Kraemer (son of Norman Kraemer)
Bill and Jennifer Kraemer (son of Victor Kraemer)
Allen Kraemer (son of Sylvester Kraemer)
Marty Kraemer (son of Alfred Kraemer)
Evonne Kraemer (daughter of Vincent Kraemer)
Brenda Tobey (daughter of Wendell Kraemer)
Alexandra Tobey (daughter of Brenda)
Sauk City
Patti Kraemer (daughter of Alfred Kraemer)
B. Ann Neviaser (daughter of Edwin Kraemer)
Irvine, CA
Ken Kraemer (son of Leo Kraemer)
Sun Prairie and Hoechstaedt-Donau
Debbie Blau (daughter of Dean Blau)

The Germans planning to attend include:
Maria Blattmeier family
Rev. Father Albert Hölzl
Rudolf Rettinger family
Ludwig Prögler, Mayor of Tiefenbach
Richard Berl, Archivist, Tiefenbach
Markus Ackermann, Mayor of Waldmünchen
Bruno Servi, Archivist, Tiefenbach
Johan Krämer, weaver, and family
Christa and Willi Senft
Hansjörg Schneider, historian
Karl Reitmeier, Editor, Chalmer Zeitung
Franz Löffler, President of County Cham
Professor, Dr. Heinrich Reinermann
Georg Blau, historian

The historical marker
The bronze marker was designed by Tom and Ken Kraemer, with considerable help from Christa and Willibald Senft, who will all be there for the unveiling. The photo in the marker was taken in 1983 by a German researcher hired by Ann Kraemer Neviaser who did an early genealogy of the Kraemers. Marty Kraemer, created the platform for the marker, had it fabricated at the Kraemer Brothers shop and then sent for bronzing. Marty and Konrad Blattmeier will install the marker at the site a few days before the event.


The marker, which is in English and German, recognizes both the Kraemer and Blattmeier families. The house and barn were demolished in May, 1983. The arrow shows about where the marker will be placed on the site, which is an open grassy area today. The barn in the background was built by the Blattmeiers. The event is planned to be held on this grassy area with picnic tables supplied by the Fire Brigade of Irlach. The barn will be used in the event of rain.

Trapezoid shows location of former Kraemer house and stable at Irlach 27

Dedication of Krämer-Blattmeier Historical Marker
Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 3:00 pm in Irlach, Germany
You are invited to the dedication of a historical marker to remember the 150th anniversary of the emigration of the Paul Kraemer family from Irlach, Bavaria to Plain, Wisconsin.


Welcome: Ludwig Prögler, Mayor of Tiefenbach
Opening and unveiling: Tom Kraemer and Marty Kraemer
Blessing: Rev. Father Albert Hölzl
Kraemer family history: Ken Kraemer
Blattmeier family: Konrad Blattmeier
Closing remarks: Franz Löffler, President of the County of Cham and Bezirkstagspräsident of the Upper Palatinate; Markus Ackermann, Mayor of Waldmünchen
A Get Together: Snacks and drinks

Kraemer – Blattmeier Heritage House

At this site there was house “Irlach 27” the ancestral home of the Kraemers of Plain, Wisconsin, USA and the Blattmeiers of Irlach. The Kraemers originally came from Tiefenbach. Johan Sebastian Kraemer moved to Altenschneeberg in 1723. His son Michael Kraemer married Magdalena Rettinger from there in 1758, and moved to Irlach in 1770.

Since then, the Michael, Johann Christoph, Christoph and Paul Kraemer families lived here for 96 years until 1866, when the Paul Kraemer family emigrated from Germany to America. Johann Blattmeier bought the house and farm from Paul Kraemer and Blattmeier families lived here for 100 years, until 1967, including the families of Johann, Wolfgang, Josef and Robert Blattmeier. In 1983 the house was pulled down. The old house name “Stricker” is still in use today.

Kraemer home at #27 Irlach, Bavaria, Germany. PHoto taken in 1983 by Keller; photo from Ann Kraemer Neviaser.

German Translation

An dieser Stelle befand sich das Haus “Irlach 27”, das Stammhaus der Kraemers von Plain, Wisconsin/USA und der Blattmeiers von Irlach. Die Kraemers stammten ursprünglich aus Tiefenbach. Johan Sebastian Kraemer zog 1723 nach Altenschneeberg. Sein Sohn Michael Kraemer heiratete 1758 Magdalena Rettinger von dort und übersiedelte 1770 nach Irlach.

Die Familien Michael, Johann Christoph, Christoph und Paul Kraemer lebten hier 96 Jahre lang, bis die Familie Paul Kraemer 1866 nach Amerika auswanderte. Johann Blattmeier kaufte Haus und Hof von Paul Kraemer und die Familien Johann, Wolfgang, Josef und Robert Blattmeier wohnten hier 100 Jahre lang bis 1967. 1983 wurde das Haus abgerissen. Der alte Hausname “Stricker” ist bis heute erhalten geblieben.


Dedicated for the 150th anniversary of the emigration of the Paul Kraemer family from Irlach to America in May 1866.
Zum 150. Jahrestag der Auswanderung der Familie Paul Kraemer von Irlach nach Amerika im Mai 1866.